Wednesday, May 1, 2013

It's been 10 months!!!

It's crazy...I haven't blogged in 10 months.  Wow, that's a long time and a lot has happened.  We moved from Missouri to Texas and finally landed in Arkansas.  Sometimes I still can't believe I live in Arkansas!  It's a place I never desired to even visit and now I live here.  The Lord really does have a sense of humor.

Antaun and I work as Family Teachers at Vera Lloyd Presbyterian Home.  We live with 8 boys who have been court ordered to serve their time at a therapeutic facility.  We have an attached apartment and so far really enjoy the job.  It is overwhelming at times but it's so good to know we are right where the Lord wants us to be.

Maddie is 7 and LOVES 1st grade.  I cannot get her to miss, even if I just want to keep her home for the day to spend time with ME...she insists on going to school!  It's a good thing I know.  She just won an art contest at school and LOVES to draw and read.  She is my sweetheart and is so caring for other people.

Isaiah is 4 1/2, he is the exact opposite and says he is never going to school and will never leave me.  I am homeschooling him as much as I can and he will start preschool in the fall.  I'm already starting to prepare him.  Isaiah is at a fun age, he is SO active but yet can also just sit and have a deep conversation.  He is so curious about God, he asks so many questions and tells me often that he just wants to go to heaven and see God.

Malloree is 1 and will be 2 next month.  It's unreal I just typed that.  She is our spunky girl, she has SO MUCH life in her.  She is super fast, super sweet and SO much fun.  She really could stay this age forever and I would be fine.  She is starting to say so many words.  Mawdee (Maddie) Bubby (Isaiah), Bobby (bottle), Padee (pacy).  More, dut (duck), buut (book) bop (pop) She is SO smart and knows exactly what is going on, she laughs in timeout occasionally.  I can't imagine our family without her, she just fits.  Antaun calls Mal almost daily, "my little Kimberlee."

Here are few pics from my phone....

This picture describes Mal's personality CLEARLY!!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hugs and My Chi Iron

As I grow older one of my favorite things about my dad is the hugs he gives me after I have labored long with my babies.  Each time I cried...there is just something special about my daddy's arms, even at 31!!

What would I do without this man in my life.  I'm so grateful.

I'm also thankful he can fix ANYTHING he touches.  I went without my chi iron for at least 2 years until one night I randomly thought...ask dad to fix it.  And YES HE DID!  I was SOO excited to have my fly away's tamed. 

Happy Father's Day to the most amazing dad and grandpa alive!

We love you.

Friday, May 18, 2012

One Thankful Mommy

We had such a fun day celebrating Mother's Day.  We started out picking fresh strawberries.  I said about five times, "Oh this reminds me of when I was a kid!" 

We ended the day with a campout and smores!  I went to bed thinking it was the perfect day with my family. 

Silly face pictures have become quite popular with Isaiah.  This one makes me laugh!
This picture really captures a lot, I love it! 
We had a difficult time getting a good picture of all three of them looking and smiling but hey we tried...and it wasn't very much fun!
Oh Malloree Grace, just when I thought I couldn't love a child any more than I already did!  This little girl is my love, oh she is the sweetest, spunkiest, funnest little thing, so blessed!

Maddie is Mal's second mommy, she helps me SO much with her. 
Malloree LOVES Isaiah, it's quite scary actually...she follows him to time out, he kicks her in the head (on accident of course) but she just looks a little stunned and then smiles at him.  It's so funny to watch her, she is very tough.
I'm pretty sure this is my favorite picture EVER!

LOVE this one! 

This was the face we got when Maddie was trying to tell him a funny joke to make him laugh!

Words cannot describe how much I love being a mother to these 3 children.  So thankful and humbled God chose me, thank you Jesus!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I'm Back!

Yes, after about four month break I have decided I need to blog again. I know I will look back and be sad I stopped and not be able to remember the little things that I put on here. Poor Malloree, I think she has one picture on here... so I am dedicating this post to my wiggily waggily, haybambasadee, retroprocualty, wiggily, waggily MAL MAL MAL!!!

Things I never want to forget about my little Malloree at 7 months old...

Seeing your little neck stretch up every morning to look for me. (or in the middle of the night)

You love to cuddle

You are so fiesty and tough, I clunked your head on side of the door walking into it one day and you just looked at me kind of funny!

You love your daddy and reach for him often

You let Isaiah poke, pull, hit etc... you laugh at him often

Madison is the biggest helper with you. She will be an amazing mommy one day

We love you Malloree Grace with all of our hearts.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fall Fun

Malloree Grace

3 months old

October 2011

Pumpkin Donuts, MMMM

Sister Love

Isaiah Michael
3 years old

Madison Marie
5 and 1/2

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Where to Begin?

Well, I am just a little behind with my blog these days. I really don't know where to begin so I'm just gonna do a bunch of random things starting back in April! Life is crazy these days, I'm 9 months pregnant, Maddie is 5, Isaiah 2 (and SOOO onery), our foster kids start at 17 and go down to the age of 4. 8 kids total and all I can say is I'm so thankful Antaun and I do it together! Antaun and I celebrated 6 years in April of marriage, we took the kids to Aunt Nikki's and had a couple of days to just be together. It was amazing! On the way home we stopped at a hotel and had some fun swimming.
This face made me laugh!I love this man a lot! New sandbox thanks to Grandpa!
We are so blessed to live close to a pond. Antaun loves to take Isaiah and this particular day I hiked along. Isaiah caught his first fish. He was soooo excited!
My husband is such a good daddy. I love watching him with Isaiah.

Celebrating Lainey's 4th birthday!

The most recent, Madison graduated preschool!

She insisted on having a patriotic outfit since one of the songs they sang was "Grand Ole Flag."

35 weeks!
I can't believe she is 5!
And for those of you who haven't heard or noticed, Madison lost her first tooth last week! It was dangling by a thread for a week before she gently pulled it. We were both so excited and did a little dance on the bed. Me with my pregnancy hormones had tears!

We looked long and hard for the perfect shoes to match her outfit! She lOVES shoes, thanks to Aunt Nikki. It's funny she is so much like my sister in a lot of ways!

Ok I feel much better now and the next time I blog I bet I will have pictures of the newest little pepper!!!